Isaac "Parasect" Dunderdale was one of the several admins of Rated Awesome and is currently at the bottom of the Rated Awesome Hierarchy. He is infamous for bringing about the first great collapse of Rated Awesome. Isaac was killed during the Rated Awesome Panty Raid


Raised in the harsh streets of New Jersey, Parasect wandered around hoping to find a better life, but could never find a place to call home. One day a mysterious man in a trench coat walked by and accidentally dropped a piece of paper . When Parasect inspected it turned out to not be money but a note, reading "Rated Awesome Trade Server!" and an IP address. Filled with hope, Parasect knew this is where he belonged, he had finally found a home.

Current Status: 30 years old and actually living in his mother's basement unemployed (no seriously, it's true), and possibly crab fishing in an attempt to get out into the world.

Parasect is rumored to be dead, but this is still under investigation....